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Due to the current pandemic, we are not holding any auditions in the near future. We will be following government guidelines to determine when future contracts will be available for all performers.


Stay safe everyone.











Our business will return to normal at some stage, and we will be there with plans to resume our entertainment programme.





Casting Form


Although some say there is no substitute for experience, we believe that talent is one of those undefinable things that, when discovered, can make everything better, and even more special.

Here at Timeless Theatre, we are always looking for exciting new talent. Singers, dancers, choreographers, technical staff and more. If you believe you have something special to offer, we definitely want to hear from you.

Make contact with us today. Simply get in touch and we will get back to you.

EMAIL US AT colin@timelesstheatre.co.uk

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Exclusive Agent for Asia 

Neil Ribeiro International Events Concepts - Goa India
Buzz +919822121748

Our Registered Charity

In association with Sunderland Hospitals, our charity was set up in Marie's father's name, John Summers. All profits from the proceeds of sales of our programmes at venues go to this charity. Total raised in excess of £33,000.


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